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Hydrotherapy for Animal Fitness and Weight Control

Providing appropriate opportunities for exercise for animals is an important factor in ensuring that they stay fit and healthy. In order to manage health and wellbeing, as well as ensuring a stable, well balanced diet, owners need to be proactive and exercise their animals regularly. Hydrotherapy can play a very useful role in maintaining animal fitness and weight control.

Animal Weight Control

Obesity can cause similar conditions in animals to those suffered by humans including diabetes, arthritis, heart issues and liver and kidney problems. If you have concerns about your animals weight it is important to talk to your vet about a regime of exercises that will work towards safe and healthy weight loss

Obesity can also impact on the mobility of your dog, causing problems with joints and muscles, worsening the natural effects of old age. Hydrotherapy can offer an excellent way to exercise your animal whilst reducing joint strain. The buoyancy and reduced weight loading in the pool enables low-impact but effective exercise which will assist in developing and maintaining muscle tone, mobility and overall fitness and stamina.

Our professional, qualified Hydrotherapists will be happy to work with you and your vet to deliver a suitable fitness programme that will aid animal fitness and weight control.

For more information on our weight control programmes, please contact Emma on 07647 101480 or fill out an enquiry form.