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Pet Hydrotherapy – Even Cats Can Benefit

Recent reports in the national press have highlighted the fact that not only sports and working animals can benefit from water therapy but also humble pets can benefit from pet hydrotherapy. There is a fascinating story of a paralysed cat learning to walk again as a result of having hydrotherapy sessions.

It was initially feared that the cat would be crippled for life after a road accident caused the loss of the use of his front legs. However the cat’s vet suggested that pet hydrotherapy may be beneficial, despite the usual reservations about cats disliking water.

Cat SwimmingThe cat embarked on a series of 15 minute sessions within a hydrotherapy pool that is usually utilised for treatment of dogs. When the session began the cat could only move by pushing himself along using his hind legs and movement was very painful.

However after a ten week course of hydrotherapy the cat had made a massive improvement and the cat’s owner and vet are anticipating that the cat will take some steps in the near future, much to everyone’s delight. The owner was quoted as saying that whilst most cats try to aoid water, her pet now really enjoys swimming and that continuing with the therapy is therefore not a problem. The therapy sessions are supervised by a local pet physiotherapist.

The heart-warming tale exemplifies how effective animal hydrotherapy can be in situations where traumatic injury has resulted in paralysis and loss of movement. The advantage of using hydrotherapy for such injuries is that it allows the animal to exercise without any load being placed on the injury site, whilst building up muscle strength following wasting and helps rebuild condition.

If you are interested in making use of the pet hydrotherapy facilities at the Animal Hydrotherapy Centre at Blossoms please contact us.