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Pet Hydrotherapy – Whoever heard of Swimming Cats?

Pet hydrotherapy or hydrotherapy for animals is usually associated with the physical rehabilitation of horses and dogs to restore and maintain good health, but whoever heard of a swimming cat? Well apparently there are plenty of cats who like a swim or a dip in the water as the many video clips on ‘YouTube’ will confirm.  As far as I could ascertain there is one breed of domestic cat called the ‘Turkish Van’ which is known for its curious love of water and swimming, but generally cats tend to avoid immersion in water if at all possible.

Cat HydrotherapyHowever, there have been cases recently where pet hydrotherapy has been used for cats that have been injured or become ill with joint, muscle and paw problems.  Pet rehabilitation in water was found to be easier than on dry land due to the buoyancy that water creates and it enabled some cats to carry out non-weight bearing exercises.

A case was reported recently of a cat which had been run over by a car and sustained many injuries including a badly broken leg.  The owners were almost resigned to the fact that their pet would have to be put down but the Vet decided that it would be worth trying pet hydrotherapy in a two-foot deep pool (normally used for dogs), as a last resort.  This cat, with the help of a harness, managed to paddle in the water for short periods, which gradually lengthened until she was fully recovered.  This pet hydrotherapy treatment assisted this cat to make a good recovery much to the happiness of her owners!

It is thought that hydrotherapy for animals can also help increase your cat or dog’s cardiovascular fitness and general health.  In fact many pet owners use pet hydrotherapy sessions to manage their pet’s weight as it can provide low-impact workouts for animals that may have mobility problems associated with weight problems.  Your vet may have suggested hydrotherapy for animals as a way to manage a condition your pet suffers from such as arthritis or hip dysplasia and we have a professional animal physiotherapist who can help to plan and supervise your pet’s treatment and pet rehabilitation.

So, it would seem that hydrotherapy or pet rehabilitation is possible for some cats! If you are interested in this sort of pet hydrotherapy for cats please get in touch with us Blossoms Animal Hydrotherapy Centre and we will be happy to discuss the options that are available.