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Swimming for Dogs – It’s Just Great Fun

The majority of dogs, irrespective of their breed, love swimming and splashing about in water, as many owners have found out when walking their dogs and passing murky streams and ponds! While swimming for dogs is great fun it also has many practical applications from helping maintain general health to losing weight and helping them to recover from illness and trauma.

Fun swims for dogsEven dogs that don’t naturally take to the water can find enjoyment in fun swims, whether through their love of a good game of retrieve or simply the relaxing and therapeutic nature of the water.

Swimming is one of the healthiest activities that your dog can participate in, it is great exercise and works on building even muscle mass and tone through encouragement of varied and increased range of motion. This makes it ideal for maintaining the fitness levels of working, show and performance dogs.

As Cheshire’s largest Hydrotherapy pool, Blossoms are able to tailor for your pet’s needs. However your dog gets his/her exercise getting them to swim and to swim happily is well worth the effort.

If you are interested in exploring fun swims for your dog please contact Emma onĀ 07647 101480 or fill out an enquiry form.